About Author

Greg DeLane

The silverback gorilla in life was none other than his addictions that he struggled to break free from. Throughout his life, Greg found himself face to face with this Gorilla in a battle that could change his life for the worse.

Gregory’s life story isn’t a fairytale filled with sunshine and rainbows; it is a glimpse into how ugly life can get when you have to constantly fight and feed your inner demons. Unfortunately, Greg fell prey to his addictions at a tender age, but his determination and undying support from his loved ones kept him going. Although it took him many years to finally stand proud and victorious, he did it!

Gratitude Greg, As Known in the Rooms of Recovery

Greg takes the authorship world by storm as he gets candid and shares his inspirational story. In a cutthroat battle with his addictions, Greg shows us a world through a different lens with the help of his book, reminding us that victory doesn’t come in the first attempt. You fail a thousand times, but every time you pull yourself up, you try harder. Don’t let your gorilla win; take the reigns of your life in your hands! It’s very difficult for some people to appreciate his breakthroughs unless they have experienced his been throughs!